Bzrburns talks to SimArchitect

Bzrburns, an important "citizen" of Freeland agreed to talk to us about several subjects including SimCity and BAP.

"I first started a while ago creating buildings for SC2000 using SCURK"


SimArchitect: What do you do "outside" of the SimWorld?
Bzrburns: I work for a PBM a "Pharmaceutical Benefits Manager."

SimArchitect: When did you first start creating buildings for SimCity?
Bzrburns: I first started a while ago creating buildings for SC2000 using SCURK.

SimArchitect: A lot of people know you because of your props. Why do you think that is?
Bzrburns: I make too many? LOLOL. I really don't know. I have seen a lot of props far superior to mine. However, I like to push the envelope and do things that other people haven't attempted.

SimArchitect: You are a staff member at Freeland. What do you do at Freeland and how long have you been a part of it?
Bzrburns: Initially, the concept of Freeland was fredfree's and it was expanded from me and couchpotato to include dullemond, berserk666, birch23, sf_barry, superdeluge and boxershorts. I'd say that we started talking about it about a year ago and started creating the website a year ago last November. I generally annoy people at Freeland. Our staff is now much larger, we added a number of new collaborators this past Spring including Big Bad Red, MsThingJoy, oppywostock, aaronsdad and cathmelar.

SimArchitect: We've seen a lot of pirating of buildings on the simcity exchange. Have your buildings ever been pirated?
Bzrburns: Yes, I was cruising the Exchange last night and saw one of my building pirated.

Yes, I was cruising the Exchange last night and saw one of my building pirated


SimArchitect: How did you feel when you found out about it?
Bzrburns: The pirating happens all the time. I have a conflicting feelings about it. I recognize that there are a lot of young children out there who are just uploading their collection of buildings and I don't think that they are doing it maliciously. On the other hand there are those people who are doing it very deliberately. I posted a message to MaxisDano last night requesting that a notice on a pop-up be added to alert people to the fact that their buildings could be deleted if the content was offensive and perhaps I should have requested that the pirates be notified that their upload would be deleted.

SimArchitect: In light of the terrorist attacks on America, are you planning to, or have already created a memorial building?
Bzrburns: I started a building that I am calling my Hope tile that is still unfinished because BAP isn't cooperating with me.

SimArchitect: What do you enjoy most, creating the perfect city or creating custom buildings/addons for SimCity 3000?
Bzrburns: I think I enjoy creating custom buildings the most. I get so involved with creating the custom props that I don't often get the opportunity to build.

"my favorite tool would without doubt have to be Unlimited"


SimArchitect: What is your favourite "building" tool for SimCity (2000, 3000 or Unlimited)?
Bzrburns: Hmm, hard one. I really liked SCURK and miss the animated paint feature but my favorite tool would without doubt have to be Unlimited. The 2D aspects have more possiblities.

SimArchitect: Why is BAP your favourite tool?
Bzrburns: The overcome the limitations of blocks are challenging. I just created some new prop windows that are placed just like real windows in buildings. We are working on some ideas to over come the blocky look of buildings. My next update to my newest Freeland business Two Guys is going to be some curved blocks that were created by berserk666.

SimArchitect: Do you think that Maxis will release another BAP or SC3URK to further increase the creativity of SimCity players?
Bzrburns: I have heard that there are some plans to add some capabilities in SC4000.

SimArchitect: What option would you really like to be added should a new version be made available?
Bzrburns: I think that everyone would want some additional block options, and personally I would like the animated paint feature. I also like several ideas that I've seen posted on various BBS's that the municipal buildings be added as zones.

"I'm looking forward to Hot Date, Simsville and SimCityX"


SimArchitect: Are you looking forward to SimCity X? Why or Why not?
Bzrburns: I'm looking forward to Hot Date and SimCityX. I play The Sims and create objects and wallpaper for The Sims when I am not Bapping. As far as SimCity goes. My favorite version of the game itself is SC2000. I wish that more of it's features had been incorporated into SC3KU.

SimArchitect Thank you for allowing us to interview you today.
Bzrburns Thank you Peshi.