About SimArchitect

The idea for a site like SimArchitect came up when three seperate Building Architect websites: BAPCentre, SimKingdom, and BA+ Unlimited decided to merge. BAPCentre and SimKingdom decided to merge about August 2000, whereas BA+ Unlimited was an unfinished website that decided to merge in late September 2000. From there, through dozens of staff meetings, SimArchitect was crafted into the site that it is today.

Thanks to the hard-work put out by its staff and a plethora of supporters and enthusiasts, SimArchitect will hopefully become a big name in the SimCommunity.

Interesting Facts

SimArchitect had THREE different release dates before it finally opened: January 5th, 2001, January 12th, 2001, and finally, January 14th, 2001.

It was suggested that SimArchitect use pink and yellow for its colors!

SimArchitect's staff size has more than doubled since it was first thought of.

(more facts will be posted as SimArchitect ages!) :-)