Richard talks to SimArchitect

Richard is currently a staff member at SimArchitect and has created some fantastic buildings.

"I became interested in SimCity 3 years ago when I got SimCity 3000 from a friend"


SimArchitect: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you today.
Richard: My pleasure

SimArchitect: When and why did you become interested in SimCity and the building architect tool?
Richard: I became interested in SimCity 3 years ago when I got SimCity 3000 from a friend, and the building architect tools a couple of months later despite downloading it immediately after installing the game. I became interested because I've always enjoyed strategy games and building cities and things.

"I'm currently working on several new BAPs"


SimArchitect: Does it have anything to do with your private life, why you enjoy SimCity?
Richard: No, I don't think it does.

SimArchitect: While we are on the subject, what do you do outside of SimCity?
Richard: Outside of SimCity, I go to school, do homework, eat, sleep and play some sports. I also design websites and play other games.

SimArchitect: We've seen far more BATs than BAPs from you. Do you still make BATs, don't you have the time anymore or do you concentrate on BATs?
Richard: Well..... normally I made a lot of BATs when I started making buildings with it, then I stopped for a while. I also didn't have any inspiration for BAPs nor that much free time.

SimArchitect: Are you planning any new buildings?
Richard: I'm currently working on several new BAPs, but I haven't had time to finish them yet.

"My favourite, would be Clinton and Peshi"


SimArchitect: Where do you get your inspiration from for new buildings?
Richard: Normally I get it from buildings that I see around or something I think would look good.

SimArchitect: Who is your favourite SimCity architect other than yourself?
Richard: My favourite, would be Clinton and Peshi.

SimArchitect: Why?
Richard: I guess its because normally Clinton's buildings have good proportions and Peshi's do to.

SimArchitect: Is that what you care about in buildings? Proportion?
Richard: I suppose so yes, because if buildings don't have proportion then normally they don't look good.

SimArchitect: What is your favourite part of SimCity. Customizing the game or creating the perfect city?
Richard: My favourite part would be customizing the game, withough a doubt..

SimArchitect: Why?
Richard: Because, as much as I like designing the cities, I've always thought it much more intersting having your own buildings in the game other than just designing.

"I try to replace most of the buildings"


SimArchitect: I assume then, that when you actually play the game, you replace it with your own (and others) buildings?
Richard: Yes, I try to replace most of the buildings.

SimArchitect: Do you spend a lot more time playing customizing simcity than customizing Playing It?
Richard: Yes, I seem to spend hours designing a building, but when I play the actuall game I normally spend only an hour.

SimArchitect: How much time do you devote to SimCity and the SimCity community?
Richard: Normally I spend about 5-10 hours per week in the Sim Community working on SimArchitect. Unfortunately currently thats not possible. When I make buildings, I normally spend about 1 hour on each.

"SimArchitect, because its the site I help to run"


SimArchitect: What is your favourite SimCity website?
Richard: SimArchitect, because its the site I help to run.

SimArchitect: Any other reasons?
Richard: Well, I also think it is a good quality website.

SimArchitect: How much time do you spend there?
Richard: A couple of hours each week.

SimArchitect would like to thank Richard for allowing us to interview him.